At Pasteur Labs & ISI, we develop technologies that enable human-machine teams to approach scientific and industrial challenges in new ways based on novel simulation-driven insights. This pursuit calls for top-caliber, intellectually curious engineers and researchers that thrive in interdisciplinary territories that are often less-traveled. Our team is largely made of people from Deepmind, Cerebras, Kernel, Nvidia, NASA, CERN, etc. Below are a handful of open opportunities for joining the early Pasteur team. While we don't list requirements for degrees or years-experience, everyone needs to demonstrate high-caliber engineering and problem-solving in multiple domains; we're dedicated to scientific rigor and robust engineering for complex and dynamic environments, so prove to us that you not only fit in but that you can make us better. If any of the roles below speak to you, please get in touch!

Send your CV/resume to us at

Applied ML & Simulation Engineer (Senior+)

As a Senior (or higher) Applied ML & Simulation Engineer you will be taking significant responsibility at the transition zones from R&D to applications and deployment, coordinating with a variety of internal and external engineers and scientists. You'll be building simulation intelligence applications while also implementing best practices from professional visualization, simulation, ML and data engineering communities.


  • Design, implement, and validate internal technologies and deployable applications at the intersection of simulation and ML.
  • Build highly efficient simulation environments, AI testbeds, and "digital twins" across a wide range of systems and scales with ease (from sensors and hardware, to 3D multiagent environments).
  • Evolve research technologies and proof-of-concepts into products and systems that address industrial and government users in a variety of science and engineering fields; one key challenge is working with both defined and opaque user needs, and another is translating those back to R&D teams.
  • 👆 Implement and iterate on efficient, reliable processes to scale this (i.e. MLTRL).
  • Develop with a variety of simulation engines (e.g., Unity, Unreal, Omniverse) and ML frameworks (PyTorch, JAX, Julia, etc.).
  • Data engineering!
  • Help build data pipes and MLOps that integrate ML-simulation solutions with various cloud technologies.
  • Lead the development of team standards and processes, that are effective at early stages and scale over time.
  • Build out a rich Applied ML-Simulation team that executes reliably while take calculated risks in inentive, smart people.

Infrastructure Engineer (Senior+)

As a Senior (or higher) Infrastructure Engineer you will be building the backbone upon which all simulation intelligence models, algorithms, testbeds, data engines, etc. are built. You will be working with engineers and researchers across the company to build reliable and efficient technologies and practices that scale.


  • Develop highly scalable and reliable infrastructure for ML/AI, simulation, and data engineering.
  • Design, implement, test, and iterate on various cloud architectures (including multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments).
  • Build vital tools and infrastructure to monitor and understand the performance of complex systems — i.e., one or more of MLOps, DataOps, DevOps.
  • Support the team to deploy technologies in mission critical environments that range from multi-cloud to supercomputing to edge devices.
  • Develop system level testing plans and work with product and research team members to characterize the functionality and performance of the systems.
  • Help cultivate reliabile, efficient engineering and teamwork by way of regimented processes and best-practices (e.g. release cycles, devops notifications, user tickets, etc.).

Simulation Intelligence Resident

The SI Resident (or Fellow) opportunities aim to synergize experts in adjacent fields with our team and technologies. The role can be customizable in terms of subject matter, goals, time and location — for example, a 12-month on-site residency to prototype and scale a method from your PhD work; an "entrepreneur in residence" to flesh out an SI product or startup; a part-time fellowship to bring SI into your existing work or lab. If this strikes a chord with you, send us a proposal that is succinct and sufficiently detailed, along with examples of your work. While these are bespoke appointments with ongoing application cycles, spots are limited and highly competitive. We are excited to get applications from everyone, and will make a special effort to hear from underrepresented groups in technology. Below are some areas of interest, but this list is far from comprehensive — suggest something new!

Areas of interest

  • Synthetic biology (non-pharma)
  • Energy storage materials and mechanisms
  • Microgravity design and manufacturing
  • Artificial organ design and materials
  • Compute substrates, and neuromorphic computing
  • Probabilistic numerics
  • Open-endedness in AI and data-driven systems

Engineering Ninja

For an early stage deep tech company to hit escape velocity, there are at least a few key people with the skills and ambition to get literally anything and everything done — i.e., a ninja. We're looking for a software engineering ninja that can handle diverse and dynamic projects like,

  • standing up a new CI/CD pipeline for an open-source AI testbed;
  • red-blue teaming and cybersecurity for hybrid cloud-onprem systems;
  • developing research APIs for Unity, Unreal, Omniverse, and other simulation engines;
  • setting up infrastructure and interfaces for alpha and beta testing SI products;
  • managing jira, counting story points, scrum mastery... JK! None of that stuff around here.
If this sounds like you, get in touch with some materials that will impress us: